A Stronger Voice

Purpose: To strengthen the collective voice of payers, administrators and networks while enhancing the individual influence of each within the industry.


The American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks provides the platform for the unification of payers, administrators and networks and the ability for a stronger collective public policy voice to enhance the position of each stakeholder as essential to the future of affordable healthcare delivery options centered on patient choice.


Why Create AAPAN?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to complicate the healthcare marketplace for payers, administrators and networks.  The creation of AAPAN provides a collaborative platform for these three important stakeholders to advocate for their respective industries, as well as provide a collective unified voice on shared business and policy issues.



Launched in January 2012, AAPAN creates a new collaborative landscape for payers, administrators and networks not provided by any other association. AAPAN’s subsidiary associations – AAPPO and TPAAA - retain the ability to operate independently, while sharing their collective expertise with a unified voice in this newly formed alliance to advocate on public policy matters that will enhance the influence of each. 


AAPAN, the new parent association for AAPPO and TPAAA, is committed to providing a platform for collaboration for all its members.