About Us

The American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks (AAPAN) is the leading national association providing a unified, integrated voice for payers, TPAs, networks and care management in the group/government health, and workers’ compensation markets. We advocate for state and federal legislation and regulations that enables these organizations to offer, manage, adjudicate and compensate health claims. AAPAN also is leading source of information about these industries and the issues impacting them.

AAPAN Mission

To serve as a unifying advocate that respects and balances the unique business needs of the commercial/government health, and workers’ compensation markets, so that both may more effectively provide patient access to appropriate, quality health care. 


AAPAN was launched in January 2012 to offer a unifying forum to enhance the reach and influence of both the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations (AAPPO) and the Third Party Administrators Association of America (TPAAA). Collectively these organizations shared decades of successful service aimed at improving healthcare delivery in the U.S. As a parent association, AAPAN enabled each to continue operating independently, while aligning their collective expertise with a unified voice to advocate on public policy matters. 

The National Association of Specialty Health Organizations (NASHO), along with its Hearing Network Alliance and Physical Medicine Management Alliance, and the National Association of Vision Care Plans (NAVCP), organizations created by AAPAN, continued independent operations under the new, overarching structure.

Taking a significant step to strengthen its voice for a new era of advocacy, AAPAN announced in early 2017 that it formally integrated the AAPPO and the TPAAA memberships under the AAPAN brand. At that time, the AAPPO and TPAA boards voted to dissolve their respective organizations. NASHO and NAVCP continue as affiliate organizations under the integrated structure.

AAPAN Organizational Structure