Opioid Summit

The Opioid Epidemic and Non-opioid Treatments for Pain Management
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two out of three drug overdose deaths involve an opioid – substances that work in the nervous system of the body or in specific receptors in the brain to reduce the intensity of pain. CDC is committed to preventing opioid misuse, overdose and deaths and is working to empower consumers to make safe choices. That includes educating consumers about opioid risks and possible safer, more effective pain management strategies. AAPAN’s Physical Medicine Management Alliance will lead the discussion on industry strategies to promote effective, non-pharmacologic alternatives to pharmaceutical management of pain.

Marina Kakavelos, Senior Business Consultant, Health Strategy & Innovation, CVS Health
Susan Pendergrass, MSN, MEd, APRN, FNP- BC, Independent Nurse Practitioner/Pain Consultant
Joshua Schrecker, PharmD, Senior Clinical Pharmacist, Aegis Sciences Corporation