“Digital Healthcare is the New Black”

Disruption? Sure. It is continuing. But the revolution in no longer on the way. Digital healthcare is here. Healthcare consumers are well informed, more in controlled ownership of their personal health data, and armed to the teeth with sexy tech that puts them in charge of their health. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are poised to transform alternative payment models, coordination of benefits, billing and payment resolution, utilization transparency and other critical business processes. Not to mention patient diagnosis, treatment protocols and clinical trials. Grab a seat at Roundtable One to get the big picture.

Linda Lane, President, Harbor Health Systems
Maria Perrin, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, HMS
Lindsay Resnick, Executive Vice President, Wunderman Thompson Health

“Meet the New Boss: Banking, Tech and Retail Giants Stake Their Claim”

JPMorgan Chase. Berkshire Hathaway. Amazon. Apple. Microsoft. Walmart. Business industry behemoths are following the money and muscling their way in. Partnering with the big healthcare players and pharmacy chains or building their own, they aim to transform the healthcare experience for all Americans. How quickly will that take place? What does that disruption mean for patients, providers and payers. What does healthcare look like in 2025? Roundtable Two will attempt to bring the future into focus.

Brad Fluegel, Healthcare Industry Advisor and Educator
Constance Sjoquist, CEO, Sjoquist LLC

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