Track Topics

Commercial Health Track
What keeps your organization up at night? The move to value-based reimbursement? Reference-based pricing? The best approaches for maximizing investment in Big Data strategies? Cost transparency? Cybersecurity? Staying up with the consumerization of health consumption and treatment? The Commercial Health Track will take a deep look at these and other trends shaping healthcare today and into the future.

Session 1: Volume to Value: Making it Work at the Point of Care
Understanding value-based reimbursement versus fee-for-service is conceptually easy. Successfully implementing a model in a local service area is an entirely different thing. Session 1 will examine the steps required to make the transition.

Session 2: What’s the Big Idea?
Providers and payers are leveraging Big Data and clinical evidence to segment patient populations and better manage health. But is it actually transforming healthcare, delivering improved treatment outcomes and driving down costs? Session 2 will explore the state of the strategy.

Session 3: Is Price Transparency the Real Goal?
Alex Azar, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services secretary, is quoted as saying, “You ought to have the right to know what a health care service will cost — and what it will really cost — before you get that service.” But is that the real aim or is it equipping Americans with information and tools so they can put that information to the use to get the best healthcare? We invite you to debate that question with our presenters in Session 3.

Workers' Compensation Track
What are the coming issues and trends to watch in workers’ comp for 2019? Telemedicine and connectivity. Job accommodation. Crack downs on underreporting payroll, misclassifying workers and other forms of fraud. Blockchain and AI. State data accuracy and provider directory mandates. Immigration reform. Treatment guidelines and drug formularies. Legalized marijuana. All of these topics and more will inform the discussion throughout next year. The Workers’ Compensation Track will explore their impact.

Session 1: A Vote of Confidence for Workers’ Compensation?
Regardless of how you voted, the mid-term elections will alter the federal health policy playing field. It’s pretty clear that ACA, Medicare and Medicaid will be affected positively or negatively, depending on your stance. But what will the results mean for the workers’ comp landscape? Join the discussion in Session 1 to learn the answer.

Session 2: Control the Cost. Control the Disruption.
The move from fee-for-service to value-based payments is moving faster than ever before. Session 2 will look at network utilization, innovative contracting, accountable care organizations, bundled payments, patient-centered medical homes and more.

Session 3: Goin’ Mobile
Mobile health technology has already had a dramatic impact on the commercial health consumer experience. Can it do the same for workers’ compensation patients and on the direction of care? We’ll explore the possibilities in Session 3.

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