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woollip pillow review facecradle travel pillow Don't forget luggage tags to identify your luggage from the rest. It would also be easy to spot your luggage with a colorful tag. Put in your full name, contact details, and address in case there happens to be a mix up in luggage at the airport. Make sure you have this and a small padlock perhaps for security purposes.

The head rests aren't always that comfortable while flying coach so invest in a best travel pillow for long flights and they'll work like a charm. These pillows are meant to be wrapped around the back of your neck, thus giving you support from three sides. When using a best travel pillow for long flights you don't need to worry about drooping on the person sitting next to you, which makes it comfortable for both you.

world's best memory foam travel pillow best travel pillow for long flights Purse: Cut the legs below the crotch, sew each leg shut and thread a rope or ribbon through the belt loops for a handle. This can be used as a hip and unusual handbag, or as a shopping bag for the environmentalist. Various size jeans will create different sized bags. Pick a plain cotton rope as a handle for the eco-friendly person, or use a decorative, glittery rope for the fashionista.

When you plan going camping or hiking, make sure to keep a map handy of the surrounding location. You could also want to bring a compass or GPS device, just in case you locate yourself lost.

This is a uniquely shaped, inflatable best neck pillow for flying. It's good for kids and adults. The Travelrest pillow deflates really quickly and easily too, unlike most other inflatable pillows I've tried. My husband likes to "borrow" this from our girls and nap on road trips. He gave it two thumbs up and fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

DOWNLITE carries a best travel pillow 2016 made with premium down. Its hypoallergenic Grey Goose Down softness is like no other pillow out there. The smaller size of 12x16 makes it the perfect personal pillow. It is covered in 100% cotton preventing any down from coming through. Its machine washable and dryable factor makes care quick and easy.

This one is also from a friend. He was in Cambodia after traveling for months. There was a movie theater playing an American movie. He fully enjoyed the movie and forgot where he was. When he walked out he had a renewed appreciation for where he was and where he came from.

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